About Us

TikSky LLC was established to provide high quality RV life equipment at an accessible price. 

Our founder used to be three Musketeers of Digital Nomads. Has been wandering around for many years.

This year’s covid pandemic has blocked everyone’s pace of travel. But it also gives them more time to slow down and think deeply. 

Finally, they reached an agreement to polish up the entrepreneurial dream that they had wanted to do years ago but had no time to adapt. 

TikSky was born out of the obsession and passion for RV life equipment .

TikSky set out with the mission of getting people RVing life by providing high quality items at a budget-friendly price.

We set up a warehouse in the US and we only ship inside the USA. We work around the clock to discover, develop and ship creative and newest items that ensure all sorts of RVing,camping, hiking, cycling equipment are provided and ensure that consumers can choose what they want without wasting too much time exploring on their own.